Dee Railleur

Is it conflating or projecting?

Recently someone on X (Twitter) slid into my DMs and wrote that after they had read my lyrics and looked at who they believed I was, they assumed that <

…you’re describing your relationships from the perspective of being just some “fetish girl.”

A lot to unpack here, but first some definitions <

The word “conflate” has been given a bad connotation mostly because of the way news organizations report. What it has meant is the combination of two things or the bringing together (blending) of ideas or even people’s personalities.  This definition is neutral.  It’s not a good thing or a bad thing.

“Projecting” means just what it sounds like < trying to overlay your personality onto mine.

Usually, I let my art speak for itself, but I’ll let you in on a secret <  Who I seem to be on the surface changes depending on the relationship I desire to be in.  If I seem like “…just some ‘fetish girl'” now, that’s because I decided that the relationship I’m pursuing will be enhanced by a set of actions I take including things like my attire and even details like how I pronounce words.

What does this say about the boy who wrote me the DM?  Here’s part of what the dictionary says about “conflating,” part of which applies to him <

We’re not just blowing hot air when we tell you that conflate can actually be traced back to the same roots as the English verb blow.

More soon,