Dee Railleur

I have a love-hate relationship with my psychologist.  Her word for that is duality < “The state of combining two things.”

Here’s what she’s said about the lyrics for my upcoming song “Homewrecker” <

Your lyrics are most likely the projection of your persona, the social mask you wear to interact with the world. Your presenting yourself as powerful and dominant while concealing your vulnerability or insecurities.

It’s part of the series of steps that you need to complete to achieve psychological wholeness. You’re at a stage in this process where you’re confronting and exploring your darker side, which is a necessary step toward self-awareness and growth.

The “crown” you mentioned repeatedly could symbolize a desire for authority, control, or recognition.

I find it fascinating to learn what other people read into a story.  Do my lyrics really “say” this about me, or are they more of a reflection on my psychologist?

More on this soon,