Dee Railleur

Confidence in myself is why I often wear latex.
I also do it because it’s a physical manifestation of the reality of most couples I become involved with.  Simply put, they live in a rubber reality.

    • Pretending.
    • Distorting.
    • Deceiving.
    • Do they actually want to live this way?

That’s what I usually find in a couple’s relationship.  It’s what makes it so easy to take a man and travel down the beautiful path of becoming a homewrecker within the relationship the man has with the other woman.

That panic stare from one or both of them, when they begin to realize what they are, is part of my purpose and part of my reward.

Who Do I Want to Be?

That’s the most recent question that my lifestyle consultant asked me after she reviewed the results of my Myers-Briggs Personality Test with me.


Four letters in her world which means< “I want the whole world to know that I’m a confident woman.”

Because of her listening skills, I’ve taken her advice and embraced who I am to a much higher level.

My purpose is even more clear< the enjoyment of the relationships I choose to be in and the help that I give to couples to open their eyes to their rubber reality.