Dee Railleur

I’ve started seeing more of my lifestyle consultant and less of my psychologist.  While my lifestyle consultant isn’t a doctor, she’s helped me to understand and explore who I am in a more in-depth way than in my years working with my psychologist.  A lot of it is because she’s a better listener and she has a plan with a start and ending instead of the seemingly infinite engagement that my psychologist seems to want.

This isn’t to say that psychologists don’t have value–they do.  It’s just that I’m seeing more value with my lifestyle consultant.

Commander Romance

Here’s more about the Myers-Briggs Personality Test my lifestyle consultant had me take.

As a Commander or ENTJ, I found the test was accurate in these areas of my life and best for the person who I’m in a relationship with:

  • Commanders put a lot of energy into their relationships.
  • Aren’t shy about taking initiative in dating – whether that’s starting a new relationship or speaking up about ending one.
  • You approach romance like you do all things in your life – seriously, with a set plan on how to achieve your goals.
  • Our research shows that Commanders are the most likely personality type to:
  • Be the one who initiates the “official start” of a relationship (71%).
  • Say they have similar goals to their partner (79%).
  • Have intentionally stopped themselves from falling in love (74%).

Does this sound like you?