Dee Railleur's mother

Although I have a psychologist and lifestyle consultant, I do talk to my mother about life decisions like ending relationships with men who have reverted to being boys.

She has a lot of experience dealing with this issue because of her profession as a professional pilot and her personal life which included being a homewrecker for a long time.

This weekend, I shared with her what both my psychologist and lifestyle consultant had said about me.

Psychologist about my apparent duality <

Dee’s contrasting relationship patterns are quite intriguing. Her history of being a homewrecker in relationships with men might signify a deeper psychological pattern, possibly linked to the Shadow archetype. This part of her enjoys the thrill and chaos of disrupting established relationships, which could be a manifestation of unresolved inner conflicts or a way of asserting control and power.”

Lifestyle consultant about the lyrics for my upcoming song “Homewrecker” <

Overall, these lyrics suggest a relationship or perception filled with complexity, emotional depth, and perhaps some conflicting desires or competitive dynamics.

It’s important to remember that lyrics can be very subjective and might mean different things in different contexts or to different people.

Here’s what my mother said <

You’re psychologist does seem to be projecting although I agree with her that we all have unresolved inner conflicts — these take time and experience to resolve.

Knowing you, the relationship that you’re about to end is a complex one and your lifestyle consultant seems to understand that — possibly better than your psychologist.

Thank you to my mother for helping me put it all in perspective.

I’ve decided to start 2024 fresh by ending my current relationship and releasing my song “Homewrecker” on February 1.

More soon,