Dee Railleur

I remember when I was 16, my mother showed me this video of an actress named Olivia Munn describing her relationships with men <

…sometimes guys think that just because you’re the girl and just because I go on a date with you or kiss you or have sex with you that all of a sudden I want to be with you forever.

The thing is that sometimes you’re the girl and I’m the guy.  That’s just how it is sometimes.  Sometimes you just want them to be quiet.  Stop talking so much, let’s just be pretty.

A combination of what she said in this interview and what my mother shared with me about her life afterwards changed my life.

I had always known that I was interested in men, but when the relationship changed and a man reverted back to being a boy, the relationship was over for me and it was time to end it.

That’s one of the experiences that started me down the path of being a homewrecker.