Dee Railleur

When I first started down the path to being a homewrecker I didn’t know anything about what my psychologist calls duality.

Over my nearly year-long relationship with The Man and the co-writing of my song Homewrecker, I did begin to think about <

…was this an opportunity to help the Other Woman to rise above her mediocrity?

To awaken a strength in her that she never knew existed?

Perhaps the other woman needs to travel through the ruin of heartbreak so she can emerge reborn?

It’s the first time I’ve considered this viewpoint.

I started to have a vision of what this could look like.  So I decided to invite her to the celebration of ending my relationship with The Man.  Her man.

From that I painted art that I’ve named “Tri-ality.”

But reality was different than my vision.

Dee Railleur
This is art that I’ve named “Dee-Vision.”

More soon,