Dee Railleur Limbo Baby-Boy

Limbo Baby-Man and Limbo Regurgitate are my first two paintings in my new “Men Tri-ality” series.

Limbo is the  essence of the boy-man’s journey, depicting his perpetual state of uncertainty and flux as he navigates the ambiguous terrain of adolescence and adulthood. Within the embrace of limbo, he grapples with the tantalizing promise of maturity and the daunting specter of responsibility.  Limbos physically change so they give the appearance of grown men but they never achieve the promise.

From my perspective, Limbos are the the vast majority of males who falsely consider themselves to be men.  They’re a lost cause because of their inability to even recognize the truth about themselves. I don’t waste my time on them.

Limbo Regurgitate. Dee Railleur
Limbo Regurgitate
Dee Railleur

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