Dee Railleur

I’ve been in enough relationships as a Homewrecker to understand that there are three types of men.

In some strange way, this parallels what I call my “Tri-ality” paintings.

There may be something subconscious that I enjoy about the number 3 which I’ll explore with both my psychologist and lifestyle consultant.

For now, here’s a nugget from the stories I wrote about how I’m defining them as the inspiration for my next set of paintings called “Men Tri-ality.” <


The essence of the boy-man’s journey, depicting his perpetual state of uncertainty and flux as he navigates the ambiguous terrain of adolescence and adulthood. Within the embrace of limbo, he grapples with the tantalizing promise of maturity and the daunting specter of responsibility.

This is the vast majority of males who consider themselves to be men.  They’re a lost cause and I don’t waste my time on them.


The deceptive nature of the fake man’s existence, presenting a distorted reflection of reality that obscures the true contours of his identity. Within the funhouse mirror’s twisted labyrinth, he hides behind a facade of confidence and charisma, his true self lost amidst the fractured shards of illusion.

These are men who have failed at understanding themselves because they either don’t have the courage or the dedication < the “men” who I help into a Homewrecker relationship.


The fully developed man, portraying him as the architect of his own fate, the captain of his own ship navigating the tumultuous seas of life. With mastery and resolve, he charts a course through the turbulent waters of existence, guided by the compass of self-awareness and purpose.

I no longer waste my time on these men.  Because they’re too committed to everything they never consider entering into a Homewrecker relationship < I’ve tried.  While they were initially frustrating to be around, I’ve learned to admire them from afar.


More soon,