Dee Railleur

My thoughts on Börja Försiktigt (Commence Cautiously < Start Gentley) as possibly a new beginning with the Other Woman got me thinking about what I learned from my last end-of-relationship celebration.

That lead me to an intense discussion with my psychologist about my Homewrecker relationships and the Other Women involved < what I call “Tri-ality.”

Here are the three pieces of a Tri-ality <

Me < Interceptor

I seek out the man-boy Deceptors.  These are “men-boys” who have failed at understanding themselves because they either don’t have the courage or the dedication < they are the ones who I help into a Homewrecker relationship.

Man < Deceptor

The deceptive nature of the fake man’s existence, presenting a distorted reflection of reality that obscures the true contours of his identity. Within the funhouse mirror’s twisted labyrinth, he hides behind a facade of confidence and charisma, his true self lost amidst the fractured shards of illusion.

Other Woman

…was this an opportunity to help the Other Woman rise above her mediocrity?

To awaken a strength in her that she never knew existed?

Perhaps the other woman needs to travel through the ruin of heartbreak so she can emerge reborn?


I’m torn.

On the one hand, I continue to have a lot of fun by being a Homewrecker.

On the other hand, the idea of helping the Other Woman to start down the path to truth, no matter how hard the journey may be is starting to be enticing.

After completing my Men Tri-ality of paintings, I wrote a new story which encompasses why I’m torn called My Game.  That lead to a start for a new song <

He’s my game

Did you see her go?

He’s my game

Were you doused in afterglow?

He’s my game

Better unaddressed?

He’s my game

Time for you to confess?

More soon,