Dee Railleur Torn Homewrecker


I’m torn.

On the one hand, I continue to have a lot of fun by being a Homewrecker.

On the other hand, the idea of helping the Other Woman to start down the path to truth, no matter how hard the journey may be is starting to be enticing.

This has lead me to take a step back from the artwork I created for Tri-ality and reexamine who I am given the nature of this duality decision.  That’s if I even consider taking either path.

My first artwork in this new series embrace the idea that I continue having fun as a Homewrecker and are called Torn Homewrecker and Torn Homewrecker Duality because in future relationships I know they’ll be this question in the back of my brain trying to make itself known to me.

Torn Homewrecker Duality Dee Railleur
Torn Homewrecker Duality
Dee Railleur

Me < Interceptor

I seek out the man-boy Deceptors.  These are “men-boys” who have failed at understanding themselves because they either don’t have the courage or the dedication < they are the ones who I help into a Homewrecker relationship.

More soon,