Dee Railleur < My Game

My Game continues my autobiographical story as both a new series of paintings and now my second song!

My Game < Dee Railleur

The song and my artwork explore my newly-found duality < the enjoyment I receive from being in a Homewrecker relationship and the potential of helping the Other Woman to start down her path to finding her own truth.

I remain torn.  Do I even desire the second option and if I do, what will be my approach?

I did try to include the Other Woman at the end of my last Homewrecker relationship by inviting her to the celebration < it didn’t go as expected.

My Game Music < Dee Railleur

I’ll be celebrating today, come celebrate with me <






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Dee Railleur < My Game
Dee Railleur < My Game

He’s my game
Did you see her go?
He’s my game
Were you doused in afterglow?
He’s my game
Better unaddressed?
He’s my game
Time for you to confess?

More soon,