Dee Railleur Torn Homewrecker

To my surprise, my next Homewrecker relationship was beginning to look like it ended before it started. The male I had chosen seemed to be a Master instead of a Deceptor.

I was kind of sad because he’s a high-profile person in the business world, and I thought it would have been a delicious relationship.

Our paths cross regularly since we both work in the same industry. But it was during a speech he was giving downtown when I began to notice it. Something in the way he talked began to make me wonder if he was a fake man.

I made it a point to start being invited to smaller gatherings where I could really take him all in. I’m thrilled to say that he’s a first-class Deceptor!

These are men who have failed at understanding themselves because they either don’t have the courage or the dedication < the “men” who I help into a Homewrecker relationship.

But, there’s this one thing < I remain torn.  This is how Tri-ality, my most recent series of paintings, and the song My Game all happened.

…was this an opportunity to help the Other Woman to rise above her mediocrity?  To awaken a strength in her that she never knew existed?  Perhaps the other woman needs to travel through the ruin of heartbreak so she can emerge reborn?

To remain true to myself, I made the uncomfortable decision to meet the Deceptor’s wife. This wasn’t much of a challenge since she attends many social events with her husband.

I was shocked that she was a ‘splainer, or as my mother would call her < “Karen.” I listened to her ‘splain the beautiful artwork that surrounded us without her once inquiring if I knew anything about art.


Honestly, I’m relieved because I wasn’t sure if I was ready to help the Other Woman. I feel like I still need to grow as a person before I have enough confidence to be some strange combination of unofficial psychologist and lifestyle consultant.


Before I began the relationship, I took a vacation and found this wonderful salon while there for a makeover. My Deceptor is attracted to artists, so I’m going to look the part for him.


Mirrors and Masks is the story I’m working on for my next series of paintings.



Here’s the final painting in my Tri-ality series called Torn Homewrecker Singularity.

Dee Railleur Torn Homewrecker
Torn Homewrecker Singularity
Dee Railleur

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